Tragic Natural Disaster in Colorado? Three Sites You Should Follow for News

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Did you know that the National Guard is evacuating a Colorado town because of flooding that has already killed three people? It has created an island within the town of Lyon, with all roads leading out of the small town flooded. If you are looking for the latest free online news, there are many options. You can even add these sites to your RSS feed reader so that you get updates as soon as they happen. Here are three free online news channels we’d recommend checking out.

1. CNN

Not only does CNN make it easy for you to follow its updates with RSS, but it’s also one of the most popular sources for news out there. Something many people appreciate is the CNN breaking news headlines that run at the top of the website. These are news updates that are not hours or days old, but are developing ev

How to Stay Connected

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Today, more than ever, people need to be connected. Connectivity is more than just staying in touch with one another via email; connectivity (and being able to be accessed via solutions from vendors such as NeWeb) is integral to business success, too. Wireless mobility is at the forefront of this connectivity trend, and in fact, by 2014, mobile internet usage is expected to exceed desktop internet usage, making mobile technology the next big thing in technology and NeWeb news. The trend is so big that Apple sold 58.3 million iPads in 2012, and they are on track to sell more than 88 million in 2013.

In addition to staying connected, mobile technology leads the way with how consumers get news (eighty one percent of mobile users say they consume information daily on their mobile devices) and how consumers receive information. Consumers also spend money via mobile avenues, too. According to a report from eMarketer, U.S. mobile payments will reach $62.24 billion by 2016 (payments are currently at $640 million). According to Nielsen research, purchases of smartphones have doubled since 2009, and nearly half of those mobile users go to their wireless mobile device to search products and promotions, and ultimately make mobile purchases. These numbers underscore the importance of integrating proven solutions from technology vendors like NeWeb.

The question is, how do businesses stay connected and in front of the face of consumers? Wireless communication companies akin to Wistron NeWeb Corporation can show us how. As more and more network users migrate to mobile and digital platforms to access the internet, email, and social networking sites, (81 percent of mobile users use their device to access news and information each day) a resounding need for websites that are mobile friendly has arisen for any company with a website. Companies like NeWeb provide hardware, software, and design solutions to help customers remain at the forefront of this burgeoning technology.

Why Wistron NeWeb Corporation Is A Clear Technology Leader

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Wistron NeWeb Corporation is a clear leader in the Internet connectivity and mobile communications game. The Taiwan based company has its reach in all corners of the globe, giving consumers and businesses access to more technologies as they adapt to changes and grab new market shares. As such, Wistron NeWeb Corporation has already proven itself and continues to garner recognition worldwide for its capabilities with customers.

One such facet in which Wistron NeWeb Corporation has largely succeeded has been in the automotive field, where new technologies are always coming into the fold. With virtual intelligence and smart systems that make driving simpler and safer, the company is collaborating with many others to create these new technologies to make the world a safer place to be. This noble goal does not go unnoticed, with industry attention being given to the company for its many initiatives and inventions across the scope of business intelligence.

Another area in which Wistron NeWeb Corporation is showing great results and growth is in the design of multimedia, broadband, wireless and mobile communications. These technologies are changing every single day, and the company has largely been responsible for leading the charge to develop further technologies in this realm. As a provider of design solutions revolving around these technologies and as one that cares truly about the manufacturing of devices that make this intelligence possible and the fulfillment of these solutions, Wistron NeWeb Corporation has surely solidified itself as a contender in the information game.

Wistron NeWeb Corporation also has garnered attention for its service, amassing strong client bases both in China and abroad. Virtually every corner of the world is impacted in some way positively by the endeavors of Wistron NeWeb Corporation, whether these markets directly know that they are being affected or not. Every piece of the supply chain is covered in great detail by the company, which has taken best practices and implemented them across its own enterprise to ensure clients are happy and that technologies are implemented in the most appropriate ways.

At Wistron NeWeb Corporation, technologies are vastly important but so are the people. To that end, the company has created a vast network where employees can get their NeWeb news and can be kept informed of what is going on within the company at any given time. This information is made available to the public as well, so everyone can know about the innovative technologies that the company is working on as well.

NeWeb News Reveals Wireless Trends

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Reading about the latest NeWeb news will help you to understand what the buzz is about with this fast moving, innovative company. Everyone is looking toward wireless technology and cloud computing as the future of doing business. Smartphone users, tablet owners, and BYOD businesses all need fast, secure methods to connect to the places where they need to upload files, receive their emails, and access corporate assets. NeWeb news can tell you about the latest developments that the Wistron NeWeb Corporation is making toward improving wireless technology for both the consumer and the business sectors of the industry. NeWeb has been a leading developer in Asian markets for years, but their latest products are proving to be successful in international markets as well.

When you read NeWeb news you also find out about the awards that NeWeb has won, both at home and abroad, for their innovation and their peerless professionalism. Just coming up with new ideas for wireless technology is not enough; businesses need to be able to follow through on plans, designs, and innovations that occur within the wireless sector. NeWeb news is all about what the corporation is doing to make good on its vision, its proposals, and its continued reputation as one of the leading providers of wireless technology. The news articles themselves can tell you about new products that NeWeb is currently working on, what their latest releases can do for businesses and consumers, and how smartphone connectivity can be further improved. While some businesses would be content to rest on their laurels, just reading NeWeb news will tell you that that the NeWeb company is always moving toward a better standard.

You can follow NeWeb news by checking their website, or you can sign up for a newsletter that NeWeb releases to interested buyers and existing customers detailing all of the exciting developments that are currently surrounding the company. You can also read NeWeb news to find out more about the people who are behind the company, and what they bring to the table every time a new product is discussed. In the wireless sector, innovation is key. Businesses and consumers are always looking for newer, faster ways to access the information, websites, and servers that they rely on. Reading NeWeb news can provide you with a window toward what the future of wireless technology could be, and where it is going next.