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Addicted to Marijuana? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know About Kicking Your Habit

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Marijuana addiction recovery

Do you or a loved one need to attend marijuana recovery so that you can find out how to quit smoking marijuana? Here are a few important facts you need to know before checking into a marijuana addiction program.

A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry that followed 1,920 people for 16 years, discovered that people who smoked marijuana were 4 times more likely to develop depression.

At least 200,000 students in the US have been denied financial aid for college simply because of drug convictions on their records.

Early drafts of the United States Declaration of Independence were written on paper made from hemp.

US taxpayers pa

The Best Online Marketing Strategies for Dental Practices to Improve Their Business

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Dental web marketing

One of the best ways for local businesses to get a leg-up on their competition is to have a strong online presence. A professional web presence that accurately reflects your business is one of the best methods to promote and improve your brand. In the dental industry, a very competitive industry in most markets, a strong web presence couldn’t be more important. The best dental websites will often have have a firm grasp on the market they are located in — this is due to their sites being very visible, when it comes to new dental patients searching for local dental services in the area. According to Pew Internet (an organization dedicated to conducting in-depth Internet research) 58% of consumers have researched a service or product online, and

How to Find the Best Veterinarian

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Did you know that according to the U.S. Humane Society, Americans own 83.3 million dogs and 95.6 million cats? However, since it is common to own a pet in the U.S., there are nearly 55,000 employed veterinarians in the United States. But with a wide selection of vets available to choose from, how do you know which one is right for your pets? By consulting vet reviews that address the following criteria, it will become easier to choose the best veterinarian.

1. Cleanliness. The veterinarian reviews you focus on should mention the cleanliness of the facilities. Not only should the reviews discuss the hygiene of the waiting rooms, but they should also comment on the cleanliness of the examination rooms, as well. Since a wide variety of animals with various illnesses visit the vet each day, you must be sure that every area of the vet office is clean in order to keep your pets healthy.

2. Professionalism. The vet reviews you consult should also discuss the professionalism of the staff