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Holistic Health and Wellness Services in Ashland and Medford, OR Available for a Natural Approach to Health Care

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Corrective holistic exercise kinesiology

Over the years, many advances in modern medicine have been made. Studies and extensive research for the field of medicine have perpetuated over time, with many discoveries and improvements being made that have greatly benefited the field. To no surprise, individuals all over the world are always seeking the absolute best types of health treatments that they can receive. Advances in medicine over the years have made monumental achievements such as finding cures for diseases and illnesses that were at one time considered to be incurable. But with the reliance on so many different kinds of prescription drugs and intensive medical treatments over the years, many people have begun seeking alternative forms of medicine. Those who want to receive alternative health treatments that are more or

Volkswagen Continues to Be One of the Top Vehicle Manufacturers in the World

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Jetta service los angeles

Did you know that Volkswagen was founded by the German Labour Front in 1937? Although this organization was a Nazi trade union, it created a vehicle brand that has become one of the most popular in the world. In fact, Volkswagen produces more than five million vehicles each year. Since Volkswagen was founded, it has continued to offer a wide array of vehicles that benefit drivers.

Volkswagen began creating affordable cars that appealed to people who could not afford the luxury cars that German auto manufacturers produced in the 1930s. The Volkswagen Beetle, for example, remained in production from 1938 until 2003 because it was an economy car that was inexpensive. In fact, the Beetle was constructed so tightly that it could actually float on water. Although Beetles are not typically seen at new ca

Which Device Will Be the Foundation of Your BYOD Program?

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Mobile workforce solutions

It might be hard to believe, but around the world there are approximately 1 billion people using smartphones, and over the next five years ABI Research reports that more than 1 billion more will be used. In light of these developments and the growing use of smartphones, many businesses are considering implementing bring your own device, or BYOD programs. These programs let employees use their own smartphones to accomplish work-related tasks both at the office and in the field. Here are three reasons why your business should consider it as well.

  • It is easy with Apple technology.
  • It is no big secret that Apple devices are popular among users, but they are also popular in enterprises. The most used tablet, according to Good, is the iPad, and iPhone 5 was the most popular device for ente

Moving a Long Way? Get Help to Ease the Burden

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Long distance moving

According to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, every year, more than 43 million Americans pack up and move. For comparison, that is more than four times the amount of people that head to Disneyland, one of the top tourist destinations in the country, in the same time period. But though relocating and cross country moving is common, it is still one of the most stressful processes that you can go through. In fact, after death and divorce, it is more stressful than any other event. To ease the process and alleviate some of the stress, you might want to get help from a long distance moving company who can help with every step of th