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What You Need To Know About Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

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How to prevent emerald ash borer

If you have problems with emerald ash borer control, stop torturing yourself by attempting to resolve the problem on your own. Professional emerald ash borer treatment can help you make a difference right away in your landscaping or farming practices. This is because professional ash borer control comes from experts that understand how to stop these pests. Ash trees can be damaged severely without expert ash borer treatment. For landscaping in Lake Bluff or landscaping in Liberyville, emerald ash borer treatment is a routine part of the business.

$3.5 million in annual damage to American ashes are caused by these borers. They were accidentally introduced to the nation during the middle of the 1990s. Now that they are here, emerald ash borer treatment may be the only way to protect your ash trees. One of the important issues that the ash borer debate deals with is whether or not certain treatment methods are safe. There are chemical emerald ash borer treatment solutions that can harm crops or be unsafe for human handling. However, these methods are very effective in certain cases.

Online research can help you understand which emerald ash borer removal methods are appropriate, and which methods should be left alone. Several studies exist that support the use of emerald ash borer treatment insecticides available on the market. Research these materials before you use them. The age of ash borers on your property will be an important factor. Young and reproducing borers may be able to reproduce until a full plague exists. Full plagues of emerald ash borers have been known to destroy every ash tree within a several mile radius in just a decade.

Preventative measures are the best answer. If you believe that borers have made their way onto your property, addressed that concern right away. Online research of borer treatment professionals can help. Contact one of these experts and ask them to visit your property and provide a professional assessment. The borers present a threat to the natural canopy of several areas. Links have been found to heart attacks and lung disease due to the damage these borers cause to ash trees.

The cost of your treatment will depend on the size of land being treated. The severity of investigation will also affect the cost. It is better to hire a professional for treatment than to try it on your own, so check out local emerald ash borer treatment experts right away.
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