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Online Auction Resources

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Scholars and researchers have traced the earliest auctions back to 500 B.C. As opposed to auctioning jewels or art work, back then, it was women who were auctioned off as wives. Instead of prices going higher as the auction progressed, which is the customary practice nowadays, the auction prices descended (highest bids for beauty, of course). If a man was not happy with his purchase, he could return his woman.

Auctions came to America in the 1600s and have evolved to what they are in modern terms; the sale of goods or services, which can include anything from livestock to real estate to automobiles to antiques, and everything in between. Today, online auctions and websites, like OpenLane, are aplenty and offer user friendly, up to the minute sites and sources to help you bid.

Originally a popular source for auto sales, online auctions are now a growing platform for other goods, too. For example, Ove, OpenLane, SmartAuction, insurance auto auctions, and GSA auctions (the latter of which are online auctions of forfeited, surplus, or the sale of Federal personal property), offer many things from agricultural equipment to real estate. The allure of online auction websites such as OpenLane is the convenience it offers of linking buyers and sellers within a platform that is fast, efficient, and offers 24 hours a day, seven days a week services. OpenLane has a user interface that is not only easy to use, but permits you to search for very specific criteria. In addition to OpenLane, Manheim also is an effective source to find the auctions that meet your needs. For more information see this:

Three reasons why you need to hide your IP

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Anonymous surfing

By 2010, 95 countries across the globe each have more than one million users. In 2012, iOS smartphones and other mobile devices take up 60 percent of all mobile browsing. Only 27 percent accounts for Android based. This is according to NetMarketShare. With such a growing number of internet users, companies must therefore know how to hide IP for their own protection.

This is because, first, every device that is connected to the internet is assigned its own number label. This is called IP address. IP address can be static or dynamic. Static means the number is permanently assigned to the device while dynamic means it is given a new number every time it is booted up. Companies and businesses can therefore be tracked down by their competitors. They can use this for competitive analysis. When companies hide IP, they can do anonymous browsing and freely go to any site without their competitors knowing what they are doing. Second, implementing security measures to keep the reputation of the company online is part of brand protection. Going online can make the business more vulnerable to attacks which can affect its reputation and brand. In the same line, there is data scraping where data can be gathered and used by its competitors without the company knowing it. In this, companies must hide IP to protect their own brand. Third corporate privacy is necessary so that companies can protect itself as well as its employees. If organizations or companies fail to hide IP others can maliciously track the online activities of the company and its employees, they can know its affiliations, the email addresses and other information about the organization.

Five Facts About Retirement Homes

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Continuing care retirement communities williamsbur

The opportunity to socialize and participate in group activities is one of the major benefits of living in a retirement homes in Williamsburg VA. These activities can help slow the rate of mental deterioration. In fact, a study conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health shows that seniors who participate in an active social rate tend to have a slower memory decline.

Many seniors are apprehensive about moving from their home into a retirement community or active adult communities Williamsburg. However, more often then not, they are pleased with their experiences once they get there. Retirement communities in Williamsburg VA can provide quality care for seniors, easing the minds of family and friends. Most continuing care retirement communities offer features such as libraries, tennis courts, pools, fitness centers, massage therapy, salons, spas and social activities.

Retirement communities williamsburg can be a helpful, life changing opportunity for retired seniors. However, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that there are 1.2 million people 75 and older working full or part time. The Williamsburg retirement community is available for seniors who can no longer work and are either living alone or require assistance.

Retirement homes in Williamsburg VA offer a wide range of services and have doctors on call who can assist residents with any health issues. Retirement homes in Williamsburg VA are also in a number of locations, which allow residents to be close to their families.

The benefits of online payment programs

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Online payment systems

Online payment systems could be the perfect thing for small and medium sized businesses that are looking to streamline as much of their company as possible. Working with one of the top payment processing companies could easily free a smaller business from paperwork and security issues. Whether someone is primarily concerned with B2B credit card processing or some other kind of B2B payments, there are experts in online payment systems that everyone can count on for help.

Companies that deal with multiple forms of payments will want to make sure that the online payment systems provider that they work with is able to service more than one type of processing. Business buyers and consumer buyers are quite different, and will require different online payment systems. Online payment processors are normally paired up with merchants through SaaS, which is also known as software as a service.

The system for processing credit cards has three unique levels, with level 3 processing giving the most detail about a transaction. This usually includes item quantity, description, postal code, discount identifier and more. Since eCommerce sales grew from 72 billion USD in 2002 to an astounding 256 billion in 2011, it makes sense to hop on board with a company that can streamline a companies performance with state of the art online payment systems. Aside from making things easier, it could also save money as well. Read more articles like this: